Thursday, 2 July 2015

RANDOM: Exploring the other side of the garden.

There is something so refreshing that washes over you when you come across breath-taking views just outside of your back garden. I have the privilege of being surrounded by green fields and trees that go on for miles and I honestly don't set foot in them as often as I should. So when I do, despite growing up in these fields I still stand in awe of nature.

Nowadays I find myself standing fascinated at God's creativity. As if living in the city for the past couple of months has just made me even more appreciative of untouched land. Hand made by the ruler of all.

I took my dog Bailey for a walk around the perimeter of a couple of the fields surrounded our home, it took us an hour and she feels so at home in the wild, amongst nature like they were long lost friends. She feels more free when she's not confined to her space on the couch back at home. She sniffs the air and looks longingly into the distance letting birds catch her eye with their dashing and darting about the sky and swooping down below.

Before I set off walking I strike up a conversation with the Lord. Walks like these must get lonely with a beloved animal of yours that can't talk back to you. So instead of talking to myself I talk to Him. Over and over again He just continues to show off His beauty and glory in the things that really set my heart racing, which is a beautiful field, an incredible sunset or the sun rising at the crack of dawn. Nature. God's original plan for His world, hardly touched by man except to walk through and grow crops from.

It's moments like these that make me really grateful for where I live and reminds me of the beauty waiting on the other side of my door. I want to leave the house because I want to not because I have to. I want to appreciate the beauty that nature brings because I want to not because it'll be a cool Instagram photo. I want to love wherever I end up with all I have, knowing that the Lord placed me there to search for beauty even in places that nature is not found in. There's beauty in concrete jungles too.

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