Saturday, 4 July 2015


Since getting back from university for the summer I've had a hard time seperating myself from my black tights and jackets. Recently I've bought a few summer pieces that I love and can't wait to wear on holiday, so much so I've already worn most of these pieces already. 

My go-to pieces when I'm feeling down and just want something comfy to wear are the two pairs of blue and white wide leg pants that is literally like wearing clouds on my legs. Also to solve my fear of wearing bikinis in public I finally found a bikini that I feel comfortable in. A majority of these beautiful pieces come from TK Maxx and other's H&M. 

1. Cream Top with Lace Detailing - TK Maxx - £12.99
2. Blue and White Victoria Patterned Pants - H&M - £14.99
3. Long White Daisy Detailed Top - TK Maxx - £12.99
4. Colourful Shorts - Patrons of Peace at TK Maxx - £8.00
5. Floral Red Off the Shoulder Long Top - New Look - £17.99
6. Grey Floral Top - Patrons of Peace at TK Maxx - £7.99
7. White Fringed Sleeveless Jacket - TK Maxx - £7.00
8. Yellow Flamingo Print Playsuit - Tescos - £8.00 
9. Turqouise Bikini - Floozie at Debenhams - £18.50
    Red Skirt Bikini Bottoms - Marks and Spencers - £12.00
10. Blue and White Pattern Pants - £7.00

Comment below your favourite summer pieces and I hope you guys are enjoying a relaxing break.

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