Sunday, 7 December 2014

BLOGMAS #6: When do I open presents?

When do I open presents?

The night before Christmas me and my little brother are allowed to open one present before we go to sleep, sometimes we open these very late into the night and it can be any present of our choice. I usually go for one of the smaller presents. We will usually have a movie on in the background and it will most likely be Polar Express and we normally have chocolate out that we can snack on. It's a really lovely time to be able to gather around the Christmas treeand spend time with my family. It's imperative to cherish these moments in life and be able to spread love and blessings to your family and friends.

On Christmas morning me and my brother wake up relatively early, it has decreased over the years because we love our sleep but we wake up, look into our stockings and go downstairs to have breakfast and watch tv. Before we eat we're allowed to open one more present and usually we will be told which one to open because it's normally either something that we can wear for the day like a piece of clothing, jewellery or a tie.

Christmas afternoon/evening after we have eaten our Christmas dinner, collapsed on the sofa in a food coma and stretched out our limbs it is then that we will open the rest of our presents. We always take it in turns and I must say, one of my favourite parts is rummaging around for them. After we open the presents we all sit surrounded by wrapping paper in front of the tv and we just love to relax and spend time with eachother.

When do you guys open your presents?

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