Monday, 15 December 2014

BLOGMAS #10: Mini Haul!

Hey guys,

Today I have a mini haul post of random things that I needed at random points of the last few months. Some of these are the reason why I am lacking in funds however, I wanted to share it with you guys as I don't usually do haul posts but I will definitely get into making more of them. So here's a chance to get involved in my shopping obsession. I hope you enjoy this quick post!

1. Real Techniques - Stippling Brush - £11.99 bought with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which was half price when I bought the stippling brush therefore summed up to around £17 for 2 // 2. Accessorize - Burgundy Bow - £4.50 // 3. Accessorize - Floral Lanyard - £3.00

For as long as I can remember I had always wanted to try the Real Techniques brushes but I could never accumalate enough courage to splurge on them. So, when I saw there was a deal on them I decided to take the risk and I absolutely adore them! The stippling brush especially, it blends my foundation into my face beautifully. The bow was bought to wear to one of my friends birthday parties along with my burgundy dress, I enjoy going all Ariana Grande-esque with the half-up half-down hair-do and I think adding a Bow finishes the whole look off. The lanyard chain holds my post-box key and key fob into my halls I loved the pattern and it's a perfect way to glamourise something that I use every single day.

As if I didn't have enough reading to do I went to a Charity Shop and bought even more books. I have now brought them home with me and will thoroughly enjoy being wrapped up in my covers with a book in my hand.

This folder was bought to contain my work, so far I haven't used it. Bad purchase? It was around £1.99 from ASDA and I vow to use it for something useful.

My new favourite blouse is a wonderful autumnal splat on a chiffon blouse. The cut is v-neck and the sleeves are puffy and I thoroughly enjoy tucking it into a skirt, wearing tights and boots as a wonderful winter outfit. It was £8.00 from Primark.

We had a student lock-in in town and I didn't think I would buy anything, however when I saw that Cath Kidston had a sale I jumped at the chance to buy a passport holder and card holder, they were £3.99 and £2,99 and I use them a lot. The red polkadot pouch holds my student rail-card and train tickets.

1. Spiced Apple Handwash - TK MAXX - £3.99 // 2. Notebook - TK MAXX - £4.99 // Glade Cosy Apple & Cinnamon Air Freshener - £3.00

Everyone that knows me knows that I have a slight obsession over scarves, my collection is ever-growing and I love them so much so here are a few that I have recently purchased and wear at least one a day.

1. Yellow Cable-Knit Snood - H&M - £6.99 // 2. Red Floral Scarf - £4.99 // 3. Red and Blue Aztec Print Scarf - Primark - £3.99 // 4. Grey Floral Scarf - Primark £3.99 // 5. Floral Red and Brown Snood - H&M - £5.99

I hope you guys enjoyed this post,
God bless,
All my love,

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