Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS #17: First time at Prezzo!

Hey guys, I recently went to Prezzo which is an italian restaurant in a nearby town with my two best friends. It was a very spontaneous decision that was made during a tea and milkshake break from Christmas shopping. Both Leyla and Rachel had already been to Prezzo in various other locations in the UK so I really wanted to try it out because, food.

If you know me, you will understand that my love for food grows stronger and stronger everyday so when I began eating the Roasted Pork Belly that came with a beautiful arrangement of pesto mash, green beans, mushrooms, butternut squash and marsala sauce you can only imagine my jolt of excitement. To drink, I ordered Peach Green Tea that came in a tiny Lipton ice glass bottle. It was definitely not worth £2.60 and for someone that drinks a lot of water while eating and just in general, it was gone seconds after my meal was placed down onto the table.

The pesto mash came seperately so it is not pictured in the photograph above however, it is in the photograph below if you wanted to see what it looked like. I have had a terrible love affair with pesto since the first time I had pesto chicken and pasta with my bible study group a few years ago. The mash was the perfect creamy consistency that you would expect mash to be and there was no over empowering taste of pesto, it was a perfect bowl of mash. Although, come to think of it, that was the first time I've had pesto mash so I don't have much to go on.

The pork was delicious, it was well cooked and came with more meat than fat and pork crackling so the toughness was easy to cut into. This was the first time that I've eaten Marsala sauce and I thought it was delicious however it did make everything a little too soggy which is not my style. However eating it with the mash balanced it out beautifully. Another downside to this meal was the price being £13.95 which is alright for a meal out, but extortionate for someone that doesn't eat out often, it was hard for me to justify spending nearly £15 on food but I feel like it was worth it because the meal was delicious.

We originally didn't plan to get dessert however, they had an awesome deal of getting a Mini Dessert and a Choice of Hot Drink all under £5.00. So after much deliberation, changing of minds, deciding and then changing of minds once again we finally came to a decision. 

I went for a Chocolate profiterole with chocolate sauce and roasted hazelnut topping with a tea and this cost me £3.50. Which was totally not worth it, the profiterole tasted like it had just come out of the freezer, still cold, the sauce tasted weird and the hazelnuts made it taste almost like a failed attempt at making a ferrero rocher. To add to this, I didn't and couldn't finish the profiterole. All that aside, the tea was lovely.  HOWEVER, Rachel ordered this Banana and Nutella calzone that was hot and delicious and had me fuming with dessert envy so I suggest ordering the calzone rather than the profiterole if you ever dine here.

Food aside, the restaurant itself was beautiful, very modern and sophisticated. They had a wonderful wine rack that created this lovely pattern with the bottletops which I thought was very creative. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They were consistent in bringing and taking away our food and also asked us for the bill all in good timing. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time at Prezzo although my purse did wince a bit when I found out how much it all cost.

Find your nearest Prezzo here!

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