Wednesday, 3 December 2014

BLOGMAS #3: 10 things I love about Christmas & Moodboard

Hey guys,

It's winter and at this time of the year I adore going onto Pinterest and spending countless hours looking at Winter pins. So, just like my last moodboard today for Blogmas Day 3 I have a Winter Moodboard for you guys. Again, I take absolutely no credit for any of these beautiful photos.

10 things I love about Winter:

1. I love the fact that because it's freezing outside you are obliged to stay wrapped up in your bed, warm and cosy with a book in hand or your Bible and notepad on your side ready to get closer to the Lord and your curtains drawn back. 

2. Excessive eating around this time of year, it's so hard to avoid food and lots of it so, like a bear preparing for hibernation I shall eat and be merry.

3. Lying in. It's not as bad when it's winter because it's cold outside and the expectation and silent disappointment that lingers around your family and friends isn't as noticable around winter because you're too busy being WARM.

4. Christmas movies curled up on the sofa. Watch that cheesy Christmas film, it's Winter, it's acceptable.

5. Candles! It's candle burning time and with so many Christmas edition candles you have unlimited choice on the scents of which your Christmas candle comes in. Burning it in the evening will create a warm and cosy wintry feeling.

6. Going out for a coffee is a lot more fun, the trip through the chilly winter high street was worth it because now you get a Gingerbread latte and get to people-watch.

7. Mittens, they make everything cuter.

8. Fuzzy socks, in fair isle print, reindeer print, santa print, everything print - as long as they're comfy and inhabiting your feet.

9. Sweater weather. Even though fall is sweater weather too in winter jumpers are essential to life. Plus if you keep warm you're less likely to catch that cold that's going around.

10. Christmas Shopping in the cold, weaving through through the crowds and finding amazing deals and THEN going home to rest because, well... it's cold out there.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!
God bless,
All my love,

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