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BLOGMAS #4: 8 Cheesy Romantic Christmas films!

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I had to include at least one Christmas movie post in my Blogmas simply because watching movies on the sofa with my family is one of my favourite things to do! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a good, old cheesy romantic film and for some reason, come Christmas time ABC in America go to town on the level of cheese and romance. So, with the majority of this post being made by them think of this as an ABC family Christmas tribute!

Around Christmas time, it is totally acceptable to watch cheesy romantic movies, it is such a family-focused time of the year that you either a) need an escape b) want to be in the movie (escape) or c) want to appreciate the cheesiness of romance and laugh at how they even managed to create this movie without laughing. Either way, these movies will have you doing at least one of the following: laughing, crying, wishing, dreaming, cringing or eating. 

1. Mistle Tones
2. Snowglobe
3. Christmas Cupid
4. Holiday in Handcuffs
5. 12 Dates of Christmas
6. The Holiday
7. Noel
8. This Christmas

Mistle-tones is a wonderful movie to watch if you would love to see renditions of your favourite carols performed in Glee-style, starring Tia Mowry she aims to be a part of the Mistle-tones a top singing group that her mother used to run. Along her journey she finds love and friendship and exactly what she needs. 

Snowglobe is about a lady who whenever she falls asleep ends up in a world inside her snowglobe, perferring a fake world as opposed to the real world she is torn between two loves.

12 Dates of Christmas this movie is about a woman that is adamant on getting her ex-boyfriend back, from the time she gets sprayed with perfume and lies their concious she somehow relives the time from that 12 times. Essentially she has 12 tries to get a blind date that she has, right. Wonderful movie!

The Holiday is a beautiful movie about a British journalist (Winslet) and American movie trailer creator (Diaz) that are having a hard time in love so, they apply for a house swap over the Christmas period and swapping huge modern houses for cottages in the English countryside, we follow their struggle to true love and laugh and cry with them.

This Christmas although not a true form of a cheesy romantic christmas movie it is all about a family with small interweaving love stories it shows how when you place families together despite blood relation, the gathering of imperfect people with unresolved issues proves a very dramatic Christmas.

Holiday in Handcuffs a desperate women in a life crisis, well for her, a life crisis being, working as a waitress, becoming boyfriend-less (in public) at Christmas, having a fussy mother and career-pressuring father she impulsively handcuffs a stranger in order to try and please her family. And well, you can only guess how the film goes from there...

Noel similarly to New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day this story interweaves multiple storylines of people living in New York. It has an overall beautiful storyline that warms your heart. I definitely recommend it.

Christmas Cupid just the title of this film is enough cheesiness for the whole year. A publicist's (Milian) client (Benson) dies and comes back as a ghost sent to warn Sloane that if she didn't change her wicked ways by Christmas it would be too late for her. With Chad Michael Murray as her love interest you really can't go wrong.

Snow is all about a Santa's son fresh to his throne gets into a bit of a reindeer situation, can he live up to his father's legacy? 

That last line was so cheesy, I do apologise!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post come back for tomorrow's Blogmas! :)
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