Thursday, 18 December 2014

BLOGMAS #15: Favourite Christmas FOOD

Hey guys,

Today's blogmas, despite being 3 days behind (I will catch up!) is about FOOD - one of my favourite topics of conversation. Food brings people together, there's no doubt about it so when you share beautiful food with beautiful company it can do wonders for your soul. So seeing as, around this time of year food is everywhere, I wanted to share my favourite things to eat around this time of year:

1. Pigs in Blanket, these are my absolute favourite food and the first thing I think about come Christmas, they are mini sausages wrapped in bacon, just basically double doses of meat. They are served hot and with the main Christmas meal, sometimes people place them on the same dish the turkey arrives in and normally I'll start off with around 2 or 3 on my plate.

2. Terry's Chocolate Orange, even though nowadays they sell these all year round, I am a firm believer in the fact that they were meant to be eaten around Christmas. One of these contains around 1,000 calories.... which is a LOT. My favourite flavour is the exploding candy in milk chocolate just becuase popping candy in your mouth makes everything more fun.

3. Stuffing, is essential to a Christmas meal, sage and onion stuffing is amazing, served hot it is gravy's partner in crime.

4. Gingerbread men, I eat these all year round and since coming back from university have made 2 batches of. I have taken photographs of me making them so I will definitely make a blog post of that. It's a chance to be creative with icing and overload on this beautiful ginger biscuit.

5. In our house at Christmas, we've had a turkey each year, and each year there's a struggle to get the dang thing into the oven and then onto the dish. We don't actually stuff our turkey contrary to most Christmas films, we've never stuffed it. My fear is dry turkey, I absolutely hate it, it's kind of like how I would be with a fire "POUR GRAVY ON THIS" scenario going on. We mostly just season this and cook it for a really long time.

6. Ferrero Rocher are mine and my mama's favourite in the whole entire world. It is a roasted hazelnut chococlate with a wafer-thing coat and even more chocolate inside. It is so beautiful that it needs a blogpost dedicated to only Ferrero Rocher. (I'll work on it). Also, hooray for new flavours!

7. Lindt Strawberries & Cream Truffles are to die for! They are spherical white chocolates with strawberry flavoured consistency inside. The beautiful pink speckles make it look even more gorgeous than it tastes, except it tastes exceptional. 

8. This box is always in arms reach in our house, they are a selection of crackers that we have always had since, goodness knows how long. My favourite are the peppered crackers and I normally put some sort of cheese on top of it. It is a great snack to have after having Christmas dinner watch a Christmas movie as well. Pickles and gherkins are a wonderful addition as well!

9. You can't go wrong with Yorkshire Puddings, they are imperative to any Sunday roast and even more so on Christmas day. I love eating them with gravy, it is a wonderful baked batter that goes gloriously with everything on your plate at Christmas time. 

10. Last but not at all least, is Cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce is essential to eat with turkey and your roast potatoes. I believe cranberries are typically sour to eat but I may be wrong, this sauce definitely isn't sour but a wonderful sweet addition to your savoury platter.

I hope you enjoyed this food-related post guys, it was only fitting to do a food post seeing as we are all lovers of food here, I hope! Anyway, thankyou for checking this post out and if you read this far, bless your heart and I appreciate it A LOT.

God bless,
All my love,

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