Sunday, 26 January 2014

Happy Birthday to mee! :D

Hey loves,

It's that time of year again, it's my birthday! I'm an hour in already and like always birthdays make me nostalgic. I'm ready to crack the photo albums out but I won't, I will refrain from the baby pictures, caterpillar cakes and parties that I had as a child with guests that I can only just about remember! If you weren't aware of the age I'm turning today the answer is 19 years of age. God pulled me through to the age of 19, for starters I am incredibly blessed, blessed to have a roof over my head, a supportive family and incredible friends, they are so wonderful to me and yesterday I got to spend it with my closest and tomorrow even more time spent with people I love.

Another thing about Birthdays is the fact that they make me think, they make me think of the rest of my life and the years to come. They make me think, what now? So I've decided to write a list. My closest know that I love to write lists, it's a bit of a habit but I have no shame. A list, is appropriate right now as I ponder on all the things I haven't yet acheived in my life, all the experiences I wish to have and all the mistakes that I am undoubtedly going to make.

So here we go:

1. I wish to survive going to Uni, with my faith still in tact and hopefully on the verge of being a woman that does my God proud.
2. I wish to be happy, in all aspects of my life. A genuine happiness in a relationship (if I'm in one), in singleness (if I become it) and just happy with life in general.
3. I wish to not place my happiness on others.
4. I wish to learn and know my worth and never question that. Ever.
5. I wish to pass my Grade 8 on the Violin in the Summer.
6. I wish to keep this blog going for all the years to come.
7. I wish to never stop taking photos no matter how many looks I get.
8. I wish to travel.
9. I wish to work on a Magazine.
10. I wish to work in Ministry and bring the glory due to the Lord's name.
11. I wish to never ever lose contact with my family no matter where I am in the world.
12. I wish to stop caring what other people think about me.
13. I wish my confidence will increase.
14. I wish I will learn to love every part of myself, body, soul and mind.
15. I wish to have more humility.
16. I wish to just be real, people that are just real with themselves will find people relate to them more rather than appearing like Ms. Perfect.
17. I wish to have more control over money and spending.
18. I wish to love and cherish those around me and to never forget who was there to help me through life.
19. I wish to do what makes me happy and learn from mistakes and to accept that not everything works out. 
20. I wish to be strong in my Faith, a rock that cannot be shaken, remaining strong and steadfast in the Lord.
21. I wish to take better care of my hair and my skin. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 
22. I wish to keep on making wishes and to never forget that the only way they can come true is if I work hard for them and trust in the Lord.

So there are my 22 Wishes, I should have really done 19 in order to keep running on the 19 theme, but alas no, I shall keep it at 22 and I hope to come back to this blog post next year when I am 20!! WHAT.... It feels like only yesterday that I was 7. 
That's a lie, I can't really remember being 7... 14 is more accurate. *High five* for those with bad memory. 

Thankyou for reading :D
God bless, 
All my love,

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