Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sleek Makeup i-Divine: "Oh So Special" Palette Review

Hey loves,
I have a review here for you guys :) I'm really not very experienced with reviewing products but I will make it something I'll definitely work on this year :)

I received this palette from my lovely boyfriend this Christmas as I wanted a palette from Sleek for so long, probably dating to around two Christmases ago but I never got one and I have no idea why!

To start off with, how cute is the pretty packaging, it involves all the colours within the palette so I think that it's very interesting packaging in terms of the outside.

Aside from that, the packaging of the actual palette is exactly what the definition of Sleek is, it's look smart, feels expensive and feels so smooth.

Here are the variety of colours you get, they centre round pink-toned colours and browns which also involve matte colours and very pigmented shimmer colours, also each shadow has a name, the plastic is removable and obviously now because I use the palette so much I'm going to throw it in the bin however for photographic purposes I showed them just so I can easily point out my favourites. 
My favourite pink-toned colour is Gateau: which is a beautiful light pink shimmer colour which blends awesomely with Celebrate a darker purple-toned colour with a salmon pink shimmer finish. 
My favourite brown colour is Gift Basket. 
My favourite matte colours are Bow which I actually find having to coat more in order to get the colour to show because it isn't as pigmented as I would like it to be but I love blending it in with Wrapped Up which is also a purple-toned brown matte colour, if that makes any sense! It is very pigmented the only down-side is I find it really hard to blend, maybe that's down to my brush and I find it hard to blend even with my finger into my crease.

The other shades I haven't talked about here is Pamper and Organza They appear untouched here but I did actually swatch it, there is a recurring pattern I see here being that the matte colours really are not pigmented at all! 
However Organza is beautifully pigmented and easily blendable with the other shimmer colours, I'm so excited about every single shimmer colour within this palette. Organza is a more subtle and lighter pink colour compared to gateau which has a more purple-tone behind it.

I have regularly used Gift Basket as just a single eyeshadow that I put on to go out for the day, it's really pigmented so is great for when I'm in a rush and can't really be bothered to spend time on my eyes. It's a wonderful copper colour with specks of gold - I think it has a beautiful finish! 
Glitz I haven't used as much I think this is just because I'm not really that fond of grey eyeshadow and I've been questioning whether or not it would suit me or just look too obviously like I should be going out to a party. However I did swatch it and like I said before, their shimmer eyeshadows are very pigmented and almost has a ceamy consistency that lasts you a fair amount of time. 
Boxed is a lighter and more matte brown compared to Wrapped Up, again because it's matte the pigmentation is about a 5/10 and the blending qualities are terrible, using your finger to apply it you have to make sure it's in the right areas because it's had to move it around as it almost sticks to your eyelid the minute you put it down!

The most disappointing shade in this collection was Noir, now, for Sleek I imagined it would be a very dark grey/black soft pigmented colour but honestly when I swatched it ith my finger I had to swipe around 5 times to get a decent layer of colour onto it. This has little to none pigmentation to it and it's overall just a tough colour to get into and for a brush to pick up. This was rather sad for me as I get really excited when I see black eyeshadows in beautifully chosen palettes because they can not only be used for eyeshadow but, if pigmented enough, it can be used as an eyeliner.

Here are the swatches for the pink-toned colours, the shimmer kind of bounces because of the flash but you can see that the shimmer colours were one swipe and the matte colours were layers of  eyeshadow.

Here are the majority of the matte colours, layered and as you can see still not as pigmented!

Lastly the grey colours, shame on you Noir for being so thin and not very pigmented at all!

Anyway there's my (kinda long) review on the Sleek "Oh So Special" Palette I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you very soon with another blog post :)
God bless,
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  1. I really want this!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

    1. I definitely recommend it! This or the Au Natural palette if you don't already have it :D

  2. This looks like a really cute palette ^^

    Stephy ♥

    1. I know right! You should definitely try it out I adore it! :)