Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Favourites: Beauty Gurus on Youtube!

Hey loves,

This blog post reveals my favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus as of now, I have been following most of these people for so long and they have seriously inspired me in the world of fahsion, beauty and lifestyle which is what I now love blogging about.


Sammi was the first person that I followed on Youtube concerning the beauty community. I was even more elated when I found out she was British! It made me so happy because I could relate to her in terms of the shops she shopped in and the style because it applied to me. She is not only incredible fashion forward but she also appears as a genuinely kind person, even shy at times which I can definitely relate to.
Here is her recent Winter Lookbook which is AMAZING I suggest you guys check it out!

Here is her Youtube
and her Blog

BethanyMota (Macbarbie07)

If you haven't already heard about the sensation that is Bethany Mota.. where have you been hiding all this time! I have been following her for quite a while and she has progressed so far so that she now has a clothing line out in a store called Aeropostale. I wish they would bring it over here, her style is pretty amazing. She is also so sweet, real and down-to-earth let alone gorgeous, she is the most relatable teen on Youtube that I've found so far - she's awkward and quirky and also so weird. I love it!

Here is her Youtube so that you can subscribe to her.
Her Twitter.

Uglyfaceofbeauty (Gracie Francesca)

I love Gracie, she's so witty and really tells it how it is. You really get the sense that she does Youtube to benefit her subscribers and not just herself. Also she is so amazingly strong and beautiful and so real when it comes to insecurities and staying strong and being independent. I get so excited when I see a new video in my Subscription box from her because I know that if I'm having a bad day she is guaranteed to make me laugh! 

Here is her Youtube.


As most of you have probably guessed, I am indeed half-filipino and I'm probably the most british filipino person you'll ever meet. Heart was the first filipino beauty guru that I found on Youtube, I found her quite a while ago and have loved her videos ever since! She also has the cutest relationship on this planet and I honestly think they should just get married already. She really is a sweetie-pie and also has amazing vlogs, I don't usually find vlogs at all that interesting but hers, I seem to find my eyes glued to the screen!

Here is her Youtube.

MissGlamourazzi (Ingrid Nilsen)

I found Ingrid via one of my best friends and I only really started actually following her properly just last year. I love her videos they are edited so flawlessly and are so visually stunning. She is also so sweet and I love all the products she raves about, she really knows how to sell it. 

Here's her Youtube,

I hope you guys enjoyed finding out who my Top 5 favourite beauty gurus are, 
God bless, 
All my love,

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