Sunday, 2 November 2014

LIFE: Day Out with Viki and CAKE!

Hey beautifuls, 

In order to really get going on taking this blog more seriously what better way then to update you on a few things that I have been up to while being here at University!

I have been incredibly blessed with meeting incredible people at University, God has enabled me to cross paths with not only genuinely wonderful and kind people but friends and family for life. I must admit, it was ashamedly a fear that I had before getting here, I prayed and asked for prayer on the friendships that I would make here and that they would be ones that inspire me everyday and help me on my journey with God. Not only has he blessed me with wonderful friends but he has also planted me into a Church that I love surrounded by people I love. I am now more excited to see how the rest of this year pans out in light of the awesome times that I have already been able to share with friends. 

So, rambling aside I wanted to share a few pictures that I took when me and my good friend Viki went out to explore by the seaside. The weather was lovely by the way if I could just add that in right there, I mean I am British anyway and we are accustomed to talk about the weather since birth. 

I love the sea. It reminds me of home. 
Now, living in the city I find the air a little too thick, too polluted and too smoggy. But by the sea, the air gets thinner, the winds hit your face in a liberating manner and the pressure of pollution falls away.
We found a bandstand! There is irony in this photo although it remains unseen until I tell you why. We were talking about bandstands holding potential for getting married under before we reached it, Viki said it would be a lovely place to get married one day if one was by a Church and I totally agreed! The bandstand was beautiful if not a little rusty it would be perfect to hold a wedding under. 
We also found a castle, it had an awesome bridge but, whether it used to hold water or not I feel like the vibrant green grass would be better replaced with water to create a moat around the castle because moats are cool.
The imprisoned look we were going for is part annoyed with the fact that the castle was closed on Mondays and part-snapchat potential.

Can we just take a moment to bask in the delicious amazingness that this cake has to offer? Yah, it's even more amazing than it looks. In fact it looked so amazing sitting there in front of me that I couldn't wait until I had taken a photo of it (notice the slither of missing cake).
This cheesecake had the perfect balance of biscuit base so that you got that satisfying crunch as well as the smooth yet thick consistency of the Cream cheese. The cherry, or more appropriately, the fruit on top of this wonderful concoction was the mixture of berries and wonderful sauce that inhabited the top of it. I still can't get over how big those blackberries were...

The decor of this little cafe was gorgeous, pastel and floral crockery galore. My favourite parts are the floral touch and the beautiful quotes they have lying around the shop (as well as the cake). This cafe is known for its cake and it does not disappoint!

The wonderful Viki everyone, she ordered a Victoria Sponge which looked amazing :)

In conclusion to this blog post I leave you with an A.A Milne quote that was hanging up in the cafe and was something that took me and Viki a while to understand in which, after saying the quote with different voices and emphasis on different words she then replied "yeah, I still don't get it" and I'm not too sure if I do either...

God bless,
All my love,

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