Thursday, 20 November 2014

DAILY LIFE: Coffee, Cake and conversation with Maddie

Hey beautifuls, 

Here is the beginning of a new series that I'm going to be starting called DAILY LIFE. It was previously called Personal but I feel like that word is exactly what it is, personal and I want to share my day with you guys, so I felt like Daily Life was a tad more inviting. 

I am starting to fall even more in love with the city I'm living in, every week or so I find an amazing cafe or cute shop that I find adorable and I love that about this city. There are so many more places to explore and I'm having an incredible time discovering them. This week I went for a day out with my good friend Maddie and we had a little explore in a part of the city that I hadn't yet visited. We came across a gorgeous bakery that I will have pictured below, countless charity shops and stores. It was such a bonus having everywhere decked out in Christmas decorations. 

We were actually on our way to find Maddie a new Bible from a Christian bookstore that she had found before called Acorn & Vine, which I have now visited a whole 3 times but have only been  inside twice, the second time it was at 3:57pm but it was closed! (It shuts around 4pm, we were so close). Anyway this was a delightful Christian bookstore filled to the brim with Bibles, Devotionals and bookcases of encouraging writings. I honestly could spend the rest of my life in there just reading everything. 

On our way back from the bookstore we had a peek into Knight & Lee which I believe is a partner of John Lewis which I actually don't have back at home so it was lovely to explore what they had to offer. It was also Christmas in Knight & Lee and I was so tempted to spend all of my money on just everything, their stationary, their giant gingerbread men, their jelly-bellys, their candles, their mugs - just all of it. BUT you will be pleased to know that I didn't and I haven' of yet.

Lastly we wanted somewhere to just chill out and unwind a bit and.. basically we needed coffee sowe remembered that on our way there we had found a cafe that looked gorgeous from the outside and there were so many beautiful cakes in the window that we vowed to end our little shopping trip there. So we did, Maddie and I ordered a coffee each and chose a Peanut Butter Cake which was absolutely divine, better believe it was such a hard choice and it and the waiter didn't help saying that every cake was good! I would definitely recommend sharing though because even though we were sharing we didn't even finish it, it was so lovely if a tad dry but not too dry, the peanut butter cream icing in the middle layer and on the top surpassed the dryness and gave it that moist texture, all in all it balanced out wonderfully. I would definitely return. After I've recovered.

Here is a mini photojournal of our day:

I hope you enjoyed this Daily Life post, comment on the wonderful places you've been to recently!
God bless,
All my love, 

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