Sunday, 30 November 2014

DAILY LIFE: A Trip to a Vintage Fair!

Hey guys,

Here's a quick post to feast your eyes on and it's all about a Vintage Fair that I recently went to in the centre of the city I'm currently studying in. Apparently it has been voted the best Vintage Fair in the UK and the entry was only £2.00 which was incredible for the beauty that you were allowed to gaze upon. 

These photos are 1/4 and maybe not even that of the Vintage jewellery that was there, there were countless other beautiful stalls that were filled with embroidered clothing, sequin dresses, beaded garments and classic designer handbags. It held all the clothes that were worn by those gone before us yet it still had that wonderful feeling of unity between generations of fashion held together and in tact by these wonderful people with a passion for the old. 

This Vintage fair had absolutely everything going on in it, I honestly felt like I had stepped back in time for a while. There were singers with beautiful voices that played classics that some of you may have had a chance to listen to in your childhood and there were beautifully dressed sellers with their jewellery stacked high and eyeliner flicked out. 

For those that are considering visiting a Vintage Fair I would strongly suggest trying it out, no longer will you have to be afraid that someone will have either the same outfit as you or the same outfit in a different colour than you each piece is unique and that is the beauty of Vintage.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post guys, 
God bless,
All my love,

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