Thursday, 20 November 2014

STEAL HER STYLE: Selena Gomez at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Outfit

Hey guys, 

Here's a quick "steal her style" post featuring Selena Gomez, whose style I greatly admire, so much so, when I was around 16 I saw her wearing a pair of blue converse, I begged my mum to me them for Christmas the following Christmas and she got me black ones instead and I was upset at the time but those converse are my go-to shoe and thinking back on all the times I've worn them it was so easy to pop them onto an outfit whereas had I received the blue ones it may have been a little difficult.

Anyway, ramble over, I have been meaning to do another one of these posts recently but I didn't get round to doing it. 

I loved this outfit on her because it's an awesome quirky, chic outfit that can be casual and comfy as well. She has such a way with fashion I admire these simple pieces, it makes me hopeful that casual can look well put together as well.

Cruise 2015 Bubble Print Top - Louis Vuitton (N/A ONLINE)
Signature Western Fringe Jacket - Saint Laurent (SOLD OUT)
Soho Skinny Jeans - DKNY ($69.50/£44.00)
Saffiano Medium Executive To Be Bag - Prada ($2,500/£1,592)
Bike Ankle Boots - Balenciaga ($1,175/£748)

= roughly $3,744/£2,385 minus the Crop Top and the Jacket

Suede Feel Fringe Jacket by Rare - £39 - Topshop
Geo Bralet - £36 - Topshop
Blue Premium High Rise Skinny Jeans - £30 - New Look
Black Leather Handbag - £14.99 - H&M
Black Knitted Cuff Lace Up Boots - £28 - New Look

=  £147.99

Thankyou for reading this far guys, I hope you enjoyed this quick post,
God bless,
All my love,

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