Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Autumn COAT Edit

Hey wonderfuls, 

I'm trying to pick up the pace with blogging this month so this is the second post of the month, I was going to attempt to blog one post a day but that didn't go to plan. I will try my hardest to blog often!

I have a few friends that have been in search of a good winter coat. Coats in England are essential especially this time of the month so it is important to take into consideration a few things, for example - colour, endurance, thickness and style. 

First of all, colour - if you're like me and will opt for a black coat because I have a "black goes with everything" mindset then that's wonderful. Inded black does go with everything but sometimes it can appear as if I'm attending a funeral so don't be scared to experiment with colour. 

Take note of the colours of the clothing that you wear most often, this can help you find an autumn/winter coat because you'll have little colour-clashing problems. 

Navy, burgundy and military green seem to be making a lot of appearances this year as well as pastel colours I've found! So be sure to try coats that initially you wouldn't have pictured yourself in before - you could be surprised! 

Next up - endurance which could tie in with thickness as well, I don't know whether that is the right word to describe what I want to say but basically, let me break it down. You've got to invest in a coat that's going to last. A coat that grants warmth as well as a protection from the rain. It defeats the point of a good winter coat if the rain just soaks into it making your clothes all damp. Which brings me to another point, it might be a good idea to purchase a coat with a hood, it's not essential but it sure does help out a lot when those rainy days hit you on the day you forget your umbrella!

Last of all style, choose a style that you feel most comfortable in because coats, like handbags can be used everyday and if you don't like the style of your coat you're not going to enjoy wearing it. For me, I prefer coats that fan out into an A-line shape because it skims over my curves and cinches in at my waist. In terms of sizing I find that it could be advantageous to get a coat one size bigger than your usual size this is because it is something that you're always putting on top of  your clothing so when you wear big fluffy jumpers you have enough room within your coat to do so without feeling like a sumo-wrestler.

Here are winter coats that I have chosen to show you guys hopefully you guys find these all affordable:

1. New Look - £26
2. Matalan - £35
3. Matalan - £30
4. Matalan - £20 
5. New Look - £37

1. Double Breasted Black Coat - H&M - £35
2. Green Padded Parka - H&M - £40
3. Red Coat - F&F - Tescoes - £39 
4. Biker Jacket - F&F - Tescoes - £25

1. ASDA - £32
2. ASDA - £32
3. ASDA - £32
4. ASDA - £30

I hope you guys enjoyed this coat post, leave comments below on your favourite or your own winter coat!
All my love,
God bless,

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