Sunday, 25 January 2015

Haul: SALE ITEMS - from Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Superdrug!

1. Miss Selfridge - £5.00 // 2. Topshop - £10.00 // 3. Topshop - £10.00 // 4. Topshop - £10.00 // Sleek Contouring Kit - £9.99 - Superdrug // Max Factor Mascara - £7.99 - Superdrug // Garnier Marcellar Water - £4.99

For the first 2 weeks of January I was a very obedient girl to my card, all was well and money saving was working! Until a few days ago when I went to town on my own and splurged a bit too much. I wanted to show you everything I bought because these will be the last pieces of clothing and make-up that you'll see for a while! 

If you know me well you'll know that Topshop is way out of my price range. I adore looking at their clothes but I window shop only. However there were about 2 racks of Topshop clothes that were on sale and I figured that I had nothing to lose purely because I most likely wouldn't find anything that I would actually want to wear. Lo and behold I found 2 beautiful tops and a jumpsuit that I will be wearing for my birthday meal tomorrow. Totally unexpected. The white lace top with the beautiful collar detailing was something that I had actually freaked out over before Christmas, it was totally my style - girly, lacey and collared detail to die for but this little top did not come cheap at the time and I was not willing to pay around £30 for it! 

I love colour so the story behind the pink and black floral top is simple, I adored the collar and pattern and I thought it would be wonderful tucked into a skirt! 

Now to the jumpsuit, I never wear jumpsuits I feel like jumpsuits are definitely not a good look for me I mean I get bulges where I don't want bulges and it rides up and it's just, no. BUT there was something different about this jumpsuit the sleeves are long and very bohemian and the ruffled detailing of the v-neck and back was amazing. The bottom half didn't ride up and wasn't uncomfortable but instead flowed out from the waist and skimmed past my hips.

The last top, although similar to pattern to the other top I bought because it reminded me of a top that Camila Cabello wore to an interview once, I'll insert the photo here:

Even though it's not exactly the same you can pull the top down over your shoulders to create a similar look to hers. 

Make-up wise I wasn't all that experienced with contouring my face, I had watched many a youtuber contour before me but I didn't know the first thing about contouring. My good old friend Krystal who is basically my sister uses this Sleek contour kit and her contouring is always en pointe: 

She inspired me to purchase it because I wanted cheekbones like hers! Anyway, I will review the Sleek contouring kit and the mascara because I have quite a lot to say about them! The Garnier micellar water is ace at getting all of my make-up off of my face thoroughly before bedtime. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and hydrated as well I would recommend this for those who love to get lazy with taking their make-up off.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post guys! 
God bless,
All my love,

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