Saturday, 26 July 2014

OOTD: Florals and Greys

Hey guys, 

A few beautiful sunny days ago I wore an outfit, clothes are recommended here in the UK you see. I liked the little ensemble of clothing I had on so I decided to take a few photos of me failing to pose in it. I believe this is my second outfit of the day that I've done on this blog which is a sign that I should be posting more outfits really isn't it?

Are you ready for an onslaught of photos from different angles of my outfit of the day? 
Then here goes:

My grey t-shirt with a pocket is a top from the pyjama section in Matalan I believe it was £4.00 and all I did was tie it so it appeared somewhat cropped.

I bought my floral pink skort from Primark for £7.00 which was a bargain because it is beautiful.

My grey and white cardigan is from H & M as was also only £7.00 - it is currently my go-to cardigan for all outfit choices which is such a bargain for the amount of outfits I put with it.

My necklace was £3.00 from Primark and if you can't see it clearly is a gold chain with jewelled pink teardrops going around it.

Here is a selfie, I took my hair from out of a bun so it just sits on my head, doesn't do much and is really hard to control. I'm wearing Maybelline and Rimmel London foundation mixed together, Maybelline's Brow Drama on my eyebrows, MUA eyeshadow palette Heaven and Earth on my eyelids, Loreal Superliner in Black for eyeliner and Clinique's lip balm crayon that I got free in a Glamour Magazine for £2.00 :)

Because I forgot to show you my earrings here is a picture of them, I bought them in a set of 3 similar colours I thought that these pink ones went especially well with my necklace. They were £2.00 I believe, from Primark.

Here is what I was wearing on my feet, just simple sandals in white that I got from Primark for £6.00 years ago, excuse the background :)

So yes, there it is my outfit of the day, above is a photo of me standing awakwardly because my mum told to stand like that.

In case you wanted to see how white my feet are compared to my legs, here you go.
It's also for the benefit of those who wished for a sandal close-upm excuse my feet. :)

So there it is, my second outfit of the day post!
Thankyou for taking the time out to check this post, I hope you enjoyed it,
God bless,
All my love,

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