Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Home Decor for UNDER £10: Frames, Mirrors, Pillows, Ornaments etc.

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Over the past few months I have been searching for homeware for my bedroom and I've accumulated quite a lot of decor and over time it's proven quite expensive so I wanted to give you guys ideas for your bedroom if you're thinking of decorating this summer. All of these items are inexpensive and affordable being under £10 so I hope you enjoy the items I found.. I'm surprised I haven't bought all of them myself!

An inexpensive way of decorating your bedroom and making it your own is placing photo frames in it, there are tons photo frames going around and they can go for really cheap. You don't even have to put photos in them, what I did for a few of my photo frames was place floral wrapping paper inside it, it's looks very creative and takes no more then 5 minutes.

1. Pink Noticeboard - £10 - George at ASDA
2. Pink Riviera Printt Buntin - £6 - ASDA
3. White Beach Hut Frame - £3.99 - The Range
4. Timeless Gold Aperture Frame - £6.99 - The Range
5. Romance Heart Frame - £1.99 - The Range
6. Harmony Photo Frame - £3.99 - The Range
7. Tropical Floral Jewellery - £10 - The Range 
8. Home Cream Wire Lantern - £6 - ASDA

These items can create a vintage feel to any home I've always thought that white makes ones room feel cold but I believe that if it's used in the correct way with a combination of neutral colours for example browns and creams it balances the coldness and creates an overall warm look. Invest in wonderful classic pieces like this clock, it adds a unique element to any room, also work whites in with monochrome items to create a modern and sophisticated look. Wooden items like the candle tea light holder are flexible in the way that it can appear very shabby chic and can go hand in hand with a beach theme. A bonus with the colour white is that it goes with anything it can work amidst bold and vibrant colours like oranges and turqouises and it can work with creams and blues so when you're stuck on what colour to buy go with white!

1. Ivory Rose Mirror - £9.99 - The Range
2. Crotchet Pillow - £9 - Primark 
3. Washed Effect Metal Photo Frame - £3.50 - Matalan
4. "Bless this House" Hanging Plaque - £4.99 - The Range
5. Wooden Heart Tea Light Holder - £3.99 - The Range
6. Natural Rush Heart Basket - £8 - Matalan
7. White Chevron Tealight Holder - £7.50 - Marks and Spencers
8. Boutique Double Sided Chalkboard - £8 - Marks and Spencers
9. Global Table Clock - £6.99 - The Range
10. White Fine French Frame - £3.99 - The Range

I hope you enjoyed this post guys,
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