Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hello April: WISH LIST

Hey beautifuls, this is my April Wish list, they're just clothing items and a few accessories that I have been eyeing up recently, lots of colour for Spring and Summer. Also, an apology for my blogging absence I'll will be sure to get back into the swing of things a.s.a.p! I hope you enjoy this quick blog post to start off April, also Spring has arrived (kind of) in England so be on the look out for posts of sunny days, yes, I repeat, sunny days in England. 


Can we just take a moment to admire the beauty of these bags that Accessorize have to offer? I don't usually tend to buy accessorise from there but these bags made my eyes open and they're beautifully designed and would go perfect with any spring/summer outfit. 

The first bag is £22 with the diagonal panel and its available in white and brown.
The pink mini-winged bag is £25 and takes inspiration from high-end bag designs as you can tell, but is way more affordable.
The daisy cutout bag is £19 also a gorgeous addition to any girls spring wardrobe the detailing is beautiful and the colour really does make it pop.


I have been slowly easing myself into wearing jeans, I didn't wear jeans at all last autumn/winter and now I'm getting into them (I'm weird) I just figured that they look great with sandals if I'm not currently feeling comfortable enough wearing bare-legs I mean, it's sunny but it's not that sunny. Both of these jeans are from New Look, I have been eyeing up their acid-wash jeans for quite a while now!

The pair on the left are £25 - I drew inspiration to get a pair of boyfriend jeans through Instagram, I loved the idea of how casual it could make a look, I have a problem that involves dressing up too fancy for everyday outings so a pair of these shall do me just fine!
The pair on the left are £23 from New Look and they are just a simple acid wash jean, here's hoping they're still on trend because I haven't yet had a chance to purchase them but I believe these two styles will definitely help me ease into wearing jeans in my everyday outfits.

Maxi Skirts

Okay, having been born a shorty, I have not yet ventured out into the mysterious world of maxi dresses, I have been warned by most that they would envelope me and make me look like I've just risen out of the ground so I always shied away from this style but after seeing a beautiful picture of Vanessa Hudgens in a floral maxi skirt, I had to search and give it a try at least!

The floral one is from New Look for £20 the brown is also from New Look for £20 and finally the white maxi skirt is £25 from New Look.


Can we take a moment to admire how gorgeous these are? The patterns are to die for! The white and floral skort on the far left is from New Look for £8.00 which I believe is such a bargain, for skorts like that I may even ponder the thought that Primark may have advertised this at a more expensive price! The shorts on the right are from River Island and I believe they came in a set - sets are awesome because you can literally create three outfits with what is pretty much one piece so definitely check them out, they were £25.00!


Even though I haven't found much regarding accessories and shoes I still adore the shoes I chose here, they are such a simple style and are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. I can imagine this neutral colour looking great with floral dresses and skirts with bright tops - the beauty of brown! They were £18 from New Look and in the colour stone.

The light pink 3d flower necklace is a beautiful addition to the beginnings of an amazing spring/summer wardrobe there is so much simplicity in its beauty I really admire the way it was made. This was £15 from New Look which is indeed on the pricier side, I will keep my eyes peeled for cheaper options for you guys, I can feel the holes in my pockets getting bigger as I type #goodbyemoney.

Last but not least and not really a accessory OR a shoe but a beautiful body spray - one that I haven't actually had the opportunity to try out, it's a Victoria Secret Body Spray for £8.33 on the Victoria Secret website apparently in a limited edition of Pure Seduction Bloom as recommended by Ingrid (Missglamorazzi) I figured it must smell amazing because she is amazing so I definitely want to give that a try!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post of my April Wishlist, I understand April is nearly over, I've actually had half of this post laying in my drafts box for about 2 weeks I just never got around to posting it. Again I apologise for my absence it's been a bit of a stressful week but thankyou to all those who stuck around and are patient with me :)

God bless,
All my love,

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