Wednesday, 23 April 2014

COACHELLA: Vanessa Hudgens - Her fashion story.


Hey guys, I have been absent for so long I tried to think of an interesting post to come back from and seeing as the music festival Coachella in California is happening this weekend I thought I'd share how much I adore Vanessa Hudgens fashion at this festival and have admired her and the whole event from the comfort of my home. Although I would much rather be there than here I figured I would just create a post displaying the attire Hudgens has put together over the years. 

For those of you that haven't heard of Coachella it's an annual two weekend, three week-day music and arts festival held in Indio, California. Genres of music that you can hear there are hip-hop, indie, rock and electronic. There are also plenty of opportunities to release your inner creative child that has been hiding away all year (ever since secondary school).

The Coachella Valley stages have been graced with the presence of major artists Muse, Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse and Daft Punk to name but a few. This year is has been said that 150 acts will be performing at the festival on each of the two weekends. OutKast reunite - although I haven't really been paying much attention clearly because I didn't even know they broke up. Lorde will be making a Coachella debut on stage as well as Calvin Harris, Foster the People, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams and Lana Del Ray.


I have gathered together a few favourites of Vanessa Hudgens outfits from previous shows and it's safe to say she really swings it out of the park when it comes to fashion at Coachella and in general life. Her style ranges from bohemian to girly and romantic as well as incorporating tribal patterns in her looks. 


One of the most important finishing touches she adds to her outfits are accessories, I don't think a year will ever go by when she doesn't beautifully accessories her clothing. They entail necklaces, bracelets, flower crowns and rings as well as the additional hat and sunglasses. 


Another aspect of her Coachella style is her hair which always looks lush especially in the very first photo in this post. Most pictures have her wearing her hair down with any form of curl which looks absolutely gorgeous on her, other times she has her hair tied back with two strands in front. Either way it really does contribute beautifully to the overall look.


Here's a board of Coachella inspiration that you can take a look at (all prices are listed below):

1. Tribal Print Top - £5.99 - New Look
2. Orange Pacha Abstract Print Top - £20.00 - River Island
3. Delicate Pendant - £16 - Accessorize
4. Cream Ruffle Top - £16 - River Island
5. Kamille Cat Blue-rimmed Sunglasses - £14.00
6. Coral Stone Vintage Ring - £4.50 - Claire's
7. Embroidered Ethnic Mini Cross-over Bag - £14 - Accessorize
8. Santa Cruz Aztec Collar Necklace - £17.00 - Accessorize
9. Brooke Acid Wash Hotpants - £33.00 - Topshop
10. Cornelli Crop Top - £24.00 - Topshop
11. Romantic Flower Crown - £16 - Accessorize
12. Malibu Head dress - £26.00 - Accessorize
13. Gold Tone Embellished Head Crown - £8.00 - River Island

Click here to be directed to this board on Polyvore where you can click on each item and it will take you directly to the link where you can purchase them!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I will be doing a post on all Coachella fashion very soon!
God bless,
All my love,

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