Saturday, 2 April 2016

LET'S TALK: Hello April!

Dear April,

  You hold many days of revision and completing my final deadlines of year 2 at University but that's okay because I'm sure you hold many days of lounging in the sun, spending time at the beach, wearing floral dresses and having barbecues. I'm grateful that you bring flowers left right and centre. Flowers are my favourite. You can tell because I wear floral and have loads of floral things in my possession. I would also love for you to bring the sun more often, goodness knows England needs it. I hope you bring sunny days and long nights spent with good company, music and laughter. I hope you bring roadtrips to new places, adventures in forests and dancing in fields. Of eating ice-cream and exploring new places. Of walking until our feet hurt and gazing at His creation. I hope you bring new friendships and strengthen old ones. I hope you bring fellowship and community to our surroundings, I pray for impact and an outpouring of love in light of everyone we meet. I hope you bring nights spent singing into His atmosphere accompanied with a guitar. I pray you will captivate our hearts with your beauty and the beauty He made for us. I pray we see the good in everything that your days bring that we will appreciate every single moment, hours, second, minute that You bless us with. 

 I hope you bring change in your winds and revival in His streets that starts in our hearts. I'm praying that you will bring a season of rebirth, of remembering Whom we belong to. Of loving people even more ferociously than You have enabled us to before. I pray that we can worship Him in truth and that we fall in love with His word, more and more. That He will ignite that fresh, fiery, passion for Him and His people inside of our hearts. 

 Thank you for your change in season, thank you that we are able to do these things and thank you for the beauty that I know this month will bring because of Him. 

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