Sunday, 3 April 2016

LET'S TALK: Get to know me :)

Hello, my name's Rosalind I get called Ros and Rozzie more often and I like that. I had been thinking about what to write in the About Me section of this blog for a while and as awesome as the list of questions that I took from a girly website was, I think it was way too cheesy and I wanted to be able to show you partly how my brain works when I want to write something. So here it goes. 

First and foremost, I love Jesus. Like, a lot. I my not get everything right a whole lot of the time but His love, grace and mercy knows no bounds. I love writing, I love how I can express and articulate my words in a more effective way. I love singing and I enjoy belting songs out by myself. I love fashion and expressing myself through clothing. My style is borderline formal, elements of bohemian, preppy and girly and it almost always something involving a skirt and tights. My favourite season is Autumn, I love the palette of colours it brings with it. I love music, any type of music and I appreciate a great soundtrack to a film more than the film at times. Give a song an infectious drum beat and I'm sold. I love playing in orchestras. I'm falling more in love with travelling, walking, getting to know new people and what moves them, what excites them and I love having deep, meaningful conversations. I thoroughly enjoy being kind to people, I feel like it doesn't take that much to be kind and I like to remember that everyone's going through something. 

I appreciate a good field, I'm a country girl at heart. God uses the country to move me and show me His glory. I also enjoy being by the sea, it's peaceful and I'm a huge fan of that.I love colours. My bedroom looks like a rainbow erupted inside it. Put anything with a colourful, floral pattern in my hand and I'll be guaranteed to love it. 

I'm a sucker for watching the stars at night. I once watched a meteor shower from the comfort of my back garden. It was beautiful. 

I love church, I love community, I love encouraging people. I love laughing, I love humour, I love making people laugh. I love finding things way to funny. You can normally measure it by whether I'm on the floor clutching my stomach or not. 

I'm pretty dang gullable. I get way too excited when it comes to shopping. I love Youtube, journalling, worshipping. 

Sunsets are my weakness. 

I'm prone to sit in coffee shops and drink tea and cake. I prefer a cosy night-in then a wild night out but I do enjoy the occasional party or two. I love going to the theatre. I've just recently discovered the West End and all its glory, I very much want to visit it again. 

I love studying His word, although I could do it more often. 

I love food. How have I written this much and only just started writing about food? I have a major sweet tooth. I'm a magazine hoarder. These sentences are probably structured wrong and everything that I have written thus far have been thoughts that I have made off the top of my head. 

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