Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Travel OOTD: NEW FOREST, England - Plum Lace and Riding Boots

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of exploring the New Forest with people whom I hold very dear to my heart. Everywhere the leaves were brown and the trees were rich in different shades of green. It is hands down my favourite season of the four and Viki's outfit pictured in the photos above suited her surroundings perfectly.

Upon arrival we were so excited by the prospect of the wild horses and how we were to have the opportunity to roam around freely with them that we couldn't have scoffed down our lunch fast enough if we tried. We took a wonderful trail around just a snippet of what seemed to be an abundance of forest. We viewed creeks, bridges and gorgeous ancient trees. We stopped to admire the wild deer and picked up leaves and sticks on our journey. I laid my eyes upon mushrooms, picket fences and huge spider webs. I was incredibly excited to be surrounded by nature and countryside once again for I am a complete countryside-girl in my heart and one who misses home dearly. Amongst this small city on the sea I was relieved so to be able to escape and just be away from buildings and houses. It was refreshing being surrounded by something I consider similar to what I consider to be home. 

You would have to be pretty unobservant to not realise that dark shades of purple and red are very present in all fashion trends. It is a very royal and warm colour to adorn yourselves with this autumn. The great thing about lace is the fact that although it is simple it is also detailed and you can pair it with boots and simple belts with statement pieces of jewellery to finish the look off just like Viki has done. I love everything about her look as it gives off a vibe of country style with a modern twist. Everything that Viki is wearing is listed below:

Plum Lace Dress - New Look - £7 // Brown Belt - Primark - £1.00 // Brown Knee-High Boots - £20.00 // Jewellery - Primark - £3.00

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