Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Travel OOTD: New Forest, England - Cosy Knit Sweaters over Lace Dresses

Since coming to university I have been overwhelmed with favour from the Lord in terms of making incredible friends and friends for life and I can firmly and solidly say that. I am so grateful to be doing life with beautiful, kind-hearted individuals that are encouraging and wonderful bubbles of happiness but also remain steadfast in times that are upsetting and troublesome. I know that their love and faith for the Lord is both awe-inspiring and so encouraging.

 In some ways I don't want my life at university to end, I used to not bear thinking any far into the future passed third year but since entering second year I've been more open to trusting in the Lord and all that He is doing right now in me to prepare me for my future. Although the unknown in some ways absolutely terrify me, I must turn that fear into faith and place it into the hands of the One who knows. Who knows me, my heart, my passions, my desires, and my gifts. The One who holds every single fibre of my being in Him and the One who has my best intentions at heart and although I may, at times be weak, stubborn and selfish I know that He ultimately has moved me so much to the point that I stand steadfast within Him and although my faith may shake I will trust in all that He says that He is and revel in the fact that on the cross He told me I was worth it and that I was worth dying for.

 There's something in the way that nature allows me to think more clearly, for some reason the Lord knows what moves me and allows me to be rendered speechless in the sight of His creation and glory.
 I encourage you to find the space in which the Lord woos your heart, which causes your insides to be so in awe of something that it renders you speechless. Whether it be a cityscape a sea-scape or a landscape. Ask the Lord to tell you to speak into your heart and life. Allow Him to show off His magnificent creation to you because, trust me He is more than willing to show you.

 Pictured above is one of my favourite Americans, Maddie and she, much like Viki, has an impeccable fashion sense. Her outfit is one that can be dressed up and down. Here the sweater is more on the casual side but still remains high fashion and on-trend. Both outfits have similar styles in terms of country casual looks pulled off effortlessly with jackets.

Black Lace Dress - Forever 21 - On sale for $12.00 // Sweater - New Look - £15.00 // Tights - H&M // Leather Jacket - Kohl's - £20 // Boots - Rack Room Shoes - $60 //

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