Friday, 2 October 2015

8 changes that Autumn brings.

If you were to ask me what my favourite time of the year is, I would answer with: Autumn. I would recollect all the times I crunched leaves under my shoes and drank hot beverages out of floral mugs. I would ask you why you don't think that toffee apples are the most delicious thing in the world and how when they are covered in sprinkles it brings delight to your tummies. I would tell you how a good book, a soft throw and a cinnamon spiced candle is an evening I would chose over any other.

Autumn brings with it a 1) time of change as we enter into the colder months especially here in England you find that you are wearing more layers and investing on sturdy boots to last in the rain. 2) It is a time of wearing the fluffiest socks you can find at all times of the day and a time when the gloves make its first appearance in months. You may invest in a woolly hat and scarf to match if you're feeling adventurous (or just cold).

Autumn 3) makes me appreciate heat in more ways than one, sweaters become the essential of the season and it also causes me to 4) appreciate the beautiful and simple things such as leaves have the capability of being. 5) Natures spaces go from bright green leaves and grassy lawns to rich reds and auburns that litter the ground in a magnificent and astounding way. 6) Warm colours are brought in to make up for the lack of warmth that fall brings. 7) Sunsets blaze wonderful, rich colours as it blends in with your surroundings revealing brilliant oranges and wisps of pink.

8)Last of all, fall time makes it acceptable to buy several candles that have at least one of the following words in its title: cinnamon, spiced, berries, caramel, salted, pine, sugar, vanilla, marshmallow, pumpkin or apple - also it is mandatory for you to buy at least 5.

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