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Travel Photo Diary: BORACAY, PHILIPPINES - what to do, what to eat and what to wear.

Boracay is a beautiful island in the Philippines in the province Aklan. It has powdery white beaches, clear blue waters and picture-perfect views. This tropical island is brimming with beauty everywhere and it is packed with tons of amazing activities. When I stepped onto the shore on the first day that I arrived on the beach I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming and alas I was not. It was a reality and I was in awe of the fact that God Himself knitted all that I saw before me with His marvellous creativity and in that moment I was so grateful to have the opportunity to witness my Master's glorious and creative mastery.

Getting There
The journey to Boracay started in Manila at Ninoy Aquino airport from there we took a plane with Cebu Pacific to Kalibo Airport. From Kalibo Airport we rode with Island Star Expree in a mini-van to catch a boat to Boracay. Although the journey seems like it is a lot of hassle to get to one place, the sites that you set your eyes on are worth it. 

We booked our hotel on and we booked Eurotel which was a minutes walkaway from the White Beach. It was very close to everywhere that we went and wanted to go however visually dim and not at all appealing was the colour scheme of the outside of the hotel the room was marvellous. The hotel was cheap to stay in and because we booked on we were entitled to a free breakfast every morning however they only told us this on the fifth day we were there. 

Things To Do
On Boracay and other islands adjoining Boracay there are loads of activities to get stuck in on. The activities that I got involved with were parasailing, helmet diving, island hopping, buggy-driving, going on a cable car, snorkelling, flyfishing (not actual fishing) and simply swimming in the sea. I would definitely recommend asking your hotel to organise trips for you that way you avoid being ripped off by people in the street pretending that they are doing activities when in fact they are not. If you organise it with your hotel then you know whose responsible if something goes wrong. The tour guides are wonderful, hospitable and kind people that you should ultimately become friends with, they know what they are doing and will know all about the other activities that you can get involved in. 

For more activities click here.

Places to Eat
There are numerous places in Boracay to eat, you simply need to walk across the beachwalk and you'll find someone somewhere cooking. My family and I only ate out a few times in the week that we were there and I honestly can say no bad things about them. A particular restaurant that we went to was called Dos Mestizos selling wonderful Spanish food. Another restaurant that was quite possibly my favourite in terms of price and deliciousness was Mesa Filipino Moderne. Their portions are quite big and I would definitely recommend their paella. Other places we ate at were fast food restaurants particularly Andok's and Mang Inasal. Andok's has a fabulous Adobo and Mang Inasal has a exquisite barbecued chicken and rice.
All I would say concerning eating food on Boracay is to just try everything. Embrace their culture and cuisine!

What to Wear
My family and I went to Boracay in rainy season, clever, I know but surprisingly enough there were only about 3 or 4 days out of the seven when it rained. Upon arrival it was completely dark and warm and I was wearing a dress and light shirt and felt comfortable. Throughout the week I wore absolutely  no leggings or jeans what occupied my body was only shorts and tops with the occasional dress and skirt. I brought many a white top because they simply go with anything. 

If you were planning to go in rainy season I would bring a couple of cardigans or hoodies. If you don't I would invest in a mac or an umbrella. In the day time if I was doing water activities I would just wear my bikini and bring an extra top with me. In the day it can get really hot so a hat is essential and so is your suncream.

On my feet I wore flip flops, in particular a pair of flip flops that I bought from FitFlop. They do the comfiest slippers that gave me extra height and comfort when walking about everywhere. Aside from this I brought one pair of going out sandals to wear in the evenings. Another essential would also be bug spray.

For any more questions about my trip to Boracay comment below and maybe tell me about a wonderful holiday you went on :)

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