Thursday, 16 April 2015

COACHELLA: Celebrity Fashion Picks 2015 - Bella Thorne, Kendall Jenner and more..

Hey loves,

 It's that time of year where me and my best friends wish we were at Coachella rather than studying *cough* I mean, procrastinating. This was the first year I really paid any attention to any youtuber's vlogs and being able to watch and pretend to experience what they experienced was fun. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to go.

One aspect I enjoy looking at, apart from the line-up is the fashion. Even though, home girl Vanessa Hudgens i.e Fashion Queen of Coachella wasn't there, there was still plenty of gorgeous pieces to admire.

Bella Thorne's style this year was something to admire this year at Coachella she wore this colourful, floral patterned dress with sandals and a flower crown. Other accessories entailed an arm of bangles, several necklaces and a teal, fringed bag.

Kate Bosworth brought chic into the mix with a cowboy-feel to Coachella. The white short dress accompanied with the tribal and Aztec jacket. Her tan, pointy boots add to the cowboy-look. Although I suppose she couldn't really fit that much in that tiny bag.

Kendall Jenner dominated Coachella candids with her "too-cool-for-this" expression and occasional smile. All of her Coachella outfits had that same bohemian vibe that others had but there was something high-fashion about her pieces that I admired. Teaming a white, off the shoulder, cropped top and split sheer trousers she also rocked a grey fringed bag and alligator styled pointy bags.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley killed it with this beautiful bohemian dress, the cut-out, patterned detail was wonderful. Adding simple pieces of jewellery without layering too much brings your eyes attention onto the dress and rightly so, it's gorgeous.

Victoria Justice can rock absolutely anything. Can someone tell me where she bought her skort from? I need it in my life. This bohemian patterned skirt teamed with a cropped white top makes the skort pop. Her lace up gladiator sandals match her large, floppy hat and the yellow fringed bag ties the look together. The statement necklace matches the teal on her skirt and compliments the white top perfectly.

Julianne Hough was one of my favourites for fashion at Coachella last year and this year she still didn't disappoint. This mustard yellow and white patterned play suit had dimension to it, courtesy of the tassels and frills. Pointy toed, tan boots were evidently an essential this year and I'm not complaining.

Alessandra Ambrosio (in fear of misspelling her name) wore a beautiful low-cut, light, tie-dyed maxi dress which looks absolutely beautiful on her. With gold and silver bangles on each arm and layered, tribal, silver necklaces she added a head piece as well.

My absolute favourite outfit at this years Coachella was worn by Bella Thorne, ever since seeing these styled pants I have wanted some but I just can't rock it to Bella's level. She's paired it with a top of my favourite cut, off-the-shoulder and cropped she did well to finish off the look with black sandals, bangles and a beautiful necklace that pulls the look together.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys,
What were your favourite looks of Coachella 2015 the first week?
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God bless,
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